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London Investor Conference 2014

The LPEQ London Investor Conference for 2014 was held at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. View the video highlights below.


Highlights: London Investor Conference 2014

Credit markets: back to the old days?
William Allen, Marlborough Partners

Panel: Investing in Private-equity - backed IPOs: opportunities and pitfalls
Adam Young, Rothschild
Alex Cooper-Evans, Electra Partners
James Macpherson, BlackRock
Richard Hall, Ernst & Young
Moderator: Tim Hames, Director-General, BVCA

Experiences of private equity ownership: if the shoe fits...
Neil Clifford, CEO, Kurt Geiger in discussion with Tim Hames, BVCA

Generating alpha in private equity
Professor Oliver Gottschalg, HEC

Panel: Listed private equity yield - here to stay?
Gervais Williams, Miton
Stephen Peters, Charles Stanley
Kristof Vande Capelle, Gimv
Stuart Howard, HarbourVest
Moderator: Dice McCairn, Which Investment Trust

Panel: Listed private equity and the private equity cycle: is there a 'right' time to invest?
Dr Juerg Burkhard, LGT Capital Partners
Luba Nikulina, Towers Watson
Alex Scott, Seven Investment Management
Peter McKellar, SL Capital Partners
Moderator: Brian Tora, JM Finn