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Gimv hands Benedenti back to its founders following growth trajectory in Belgian dental care

At the end of 2015, Gimv acquired a minority stake in Benedenti, a group of multidisciplinary dental practices in Flanders, Belgium. Founded in 1985 as a private dental practice in Herentals by Rik Claes and his wife Griet Luyten, the practice has grown over the years first into a large group practice and then – with Gimv’s support – into a group with eight branches. In September 2018, the new state-of-the-art group practice and headquarters opened in Herentals. With 15 (treatment) chairs, this is one of the largest group practices in Flanders. By developing multidisciplinary group practices, Benedenti responds to a range of challenges facing dental care in Flanders, such as a substantial number of practising dentists rapidly approaching retirement age, an insufficient influx of new graduates ready to enter professional practice and the emergence of dental hygienists. Other factors include the many technological and scientific developments in the field of dentistry and changing expectations of patients and dentists. Accessible, high-quality dental care is at the heart of the group’s expansion and the continuing professionalisation of the group practices.