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Gimv sells Oldelft Ultrasound

n 2012, Gimv acquired a majority stake in medical diagnostics company Oldelft Ultrasound (Delft - NL,, which develops and produces innovative ultrasonic probes for medical diagnosis, with the ambition of achieving further international growth through continuous development and expanding the product portfolio. Oldelft is the only independent player worldwide in the field of specialized TEE (transesophageal echocardiography) probes, serving, among other things, for cardiac imaging via the oesophagus. Over the past seven years, continuous investment in R&D has further expanded Oldelft's position as a technology leader in the growing echocardiography market. Leveraging its unique positioning, Oldelft has achieved impressive sales growth and built up an impressive global customer base of tier-1 OEMs in the market for ultrasound medical equipment. Recently a new type of probe, based on matrix/3D technology, has been developed and tested in the market. Gimv announces today that it has sold on its majority shareholding in Oldelft in a management buy-out supported by Smile Invest.