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Why listed private equity should matter to retail investors

LPeC Chief Executive Deborah Botwood Smith writes in Trustnet about why listed private equity means that retail investors are not excluded from the private equity opportunity of the post pandemic economy

Post pandemic private equity investment will likely be a significant player in the next decade. Access to capital for high growth companies will be even more critical. Private equity has already provided a vital lifeline helping companies through the economic impacts of the crisis, providing capital that main street banks and the public markets cannot or are reluctant to provide. The years immediately after the global financial crisis (2010, 2011, 2012) saw exceptional vintages and strong returns to private equity investors. There are sound reasons to think this may be repeated. Retail investors are not excluded from the opportunity as listing private equity funds on public markets has democratised access. Some smaller investors have seized the opportunity, but others have yet to appreciate the growing power of this important corner of private equity.