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LPeC and LPX AG announce strategic partnership to promote listed private capital

LPeC and LPX AG have announced a strategic partnership in a range of joint marketing initiatives, research and investor events to promote the listed private capital sector.

The partnership brings together LPeC’s investor marketing platform and market commentary with LPX AG’s performance indices and leading research on the listed private capital market with the purpose of providing a comprehensive and accessible view of these markets.

The products will be ideally suited for investors and other players to increase their knowledge and therefore the efficacy of their involvement in listed private capital.

Douwe Cosijn, LPeC’s CEO stated: “Given LPeC’s aim to be the leading international platform and network to deepen investors’ understanding and attractiveness of listed private capital, it was natural for LPeC to partner with LPX. Their innovative research and performance indices of the listed private capital markets fully align with LPeC’s purpose.”

Michel Degosciu, LPX’s Managing Partner, added: “We look forward to working with LPeC and its members to deepen investor interest in the listed private capital, alternatives market. Our innovative research products and sector indices, combined with LPeC’s investor relations platform, position us well together to promote the attractiveness of the listed private capital and alternatives market to investors.”

The announcement closely follows LPeC’s strategic repositioning to represent the broader listed private capital markets, including listed private equity, debt, infrastructure and multi-asset managers. LPeC’s decision reflects the evolution of the private capital markets, evolving investment strategies and the greater role the public markets are playing in funding this segment of the market.

LPX AG is a leading research house in the field of listed alternative assets and offers investment professionals a wide range of services. As an index sponsor, LPX AG offers representative benchmarks for listed Private Equity, Infrastructure and Debt. Based on in-depth research, LPX AG offers investment advisory and research data to a wide range of financial institutions seeking liquid exposure to private capital markets.