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CapMan Plc


CapMan, founded in 1989, is a leading Nordic investment and specialised asset management company. As one of the Nordic private equity pioneers, we have actively developed hundreds of companies and real estate and thereby created substantial value in these businesses and assets over the last 28 years. CapMan has today 110 private equity professionals and manages €2.7 billion in assets. We mainly manage the assets of our customers, the investors, but also make direct investments from our own balance sheet in areas without an active fund. Our objective is to provide attractive returns and innovative solutions to investors and value-adding services to professional investment partnerships, growth-oriented companies and tenants. Our current investment strategies cover Buyout, Growth Equity, Real Estate, Russia, Credit and Infrastructure. We also have a growing service business that currently includes fundraising advisory, procurement activities and fund management. 

  • Helsinki-listed asset manager and private equity pioneer in the Nordics
  • Investment focus: the Nordics and Russia
  • Investment areas: Buyout, Real Estate, Growth Equity, Credit, Infra, Russia
  • Market cap: €250mn

Key financials

Manager Overview


Our objective is to offer the best private equity experience by providing attractive returns and innovative solutions for our investors, as well as value adding services for professional investment partnerships, growth-oriented companies and tenants. In order to deliver on our objective, we have structured our business around three business areas, which are investment partnerships, professional services, and investments from our balance sheet into private equity.

Investment partnerships

Our investment strategies are focused. Best in class partnerships are independently responsible for investment activities and the value creation of investments. The investment partnerships play a central role in the foundation of management fee-generating funds, selecting investments, value creation for portfolio companies and real estate, and the formation of carried interest income.

In Buyout investment strategy, we invest in mid-sized unlisted companies in the Nordic countries. We select interesting growth stories, unique products, potential leading brands and passionate entrepreneurs for further development.

The objective of the Growth Equity investment activities is to find unlisted target companies with the potential to grow rapidly, to make significant minority investments in them and, as an active investor, to develop their value so as to achieve returns in excess of the market average.

In Real Estate investment strategy, we execute value-add equity strategies with a focus mainly on mid-cap, transitional office, retail and residential assets in the most liquid submarkets in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. We utilize best in class operating leverage and deploy a fully integrated platform to maximize NOI.

Investment strategy Credit includes two private debt funds, which are advised by an independent partnership of CapMan Group. The funds provide private debt, mainly in the form of unitranche and mezzanine, to small and medium-sized companies across the Nordic countries.

In investment strategy Russia, we invest mainly in small and mid-sized enterprises in sectors that benefit from Russia’s domestic demand. As part of our investment process, we devote considerable time and effort into identifying sectors and individual companies with the most growth potential.

In investment strategy Infra, we make Nordic value-add infrastructure investments in to mid-cap assets. CapMan Infra's investment focus is primarily core infrastructure assets in sectors such as energy, transportation and telecommunication.

Professional private equity services

In services business area, we enable successful fundraising, fund management and centralised purchasing services for internal as well as external clients. Our services partially operate under separate brands and include Scala Fund Advisory and CaPS, CapMan Procurement Service. In addition, we offer fund management for our clients.

Own investments

We invest broadly from our balance sheet in the private equity asset class.  By increasing our investment capacity and optimising our capital structure, we seek to actively manage our balance sheet.