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JZ Capital Partners Limited


JZCP is a London listed fund which invests in high quality US and European microcap companies and US real estate

JZCP seeks to provide shareholders with a superior overall return, comprised of a current yield and significant capital appreciation.

  • Direct manager, London-listed
  • Investment focus: US
  • Deal focus: LBO/MEZZ
  • Market cap: €334m

Manager Overview

The Company aims to deliver these outcomes by investing selectively in high-quality US and European microcap companies and US real estate.

It receives investment advice from Jordan/Zalaznick Advisers, Inc. (“JZAI”), which works with the existing management of microcap companies to help build better businesses, create value and deliver strong returns to investors. 

The Company is a closed-ended investment company which is incorporated in Guernsey. Its capital consist of ordinary shares and zero dividend redeemable preference shares, each class being of no par value.