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Oakley Capital Investments Limited


Oakley Capital Investments Limited, an AIM listed company, seeks to provide investors with long term capital appreciation, through its investment in the Oakley Capital Private Equity (“OCPE”) Funds and through co-investment opportunities.

OCPE comprises three mid-market private equity funds with over €1.5 billion of commitments, investing primarily in Western Europe. OCPE’s first fund was raised in 2007 and is an upper quartile performer for its vintage. Fund II was raised in 2013 and deployed capital rapidly such that the fund is now essentially fully invested, with three full exits. 

The focus is on entrepreneur led businesses that with Oakley's support and strategic input can reach their potential. The origination model has consistently delivered a flow of attractive primary investment prospects, often outside of mainstream sales processes.

  • London listed: AIM
  • Investment focus: Western Europe
  • Deal focus: BO/GC
  • Market cap: £335.9m (31 December 2017)

Key financials

Investment Adviser Overview

Oakley’s investment style is characterised by its ability to empathise with entrepreneurs and ambitious managers, combined with its analytical and operational experience. Oakley seeks to make investments in companies with enterprise value of approximately €60 – €300 million and secure a controlling position in the target company. The Oakley networks and wider ecosystem attract a range of entrepreneurs and managers to the broader group. It believes it has developed a respected reputation and brand among business owners that are otherwise not attracted to the standard auction-led private equity market. These relationships are carefully cultivated to deliver differentiated deal flow, limiting Oakley's reliance on intermediaries and auctions. Oakley rarely participates in intermediated deals or active M&A auction processes unless it has a compelling competitive advantage.


Market commentary

Annual Results for the Year Ended 31 December 2017

Christopher Wetherhill, Chairman, Oakley Capital Investments Limited

"2017 marked the 10 year anniversary of Oakley Capital Investments, a decade of progress in which we have benefitted from the strong performance of the Oakley portfolio companies. It is with significant optimism that we now look forward to 2018 and the years ahead. We are already encouraged by the significant premium to carrying value generated from final exits from Parship Elite and Verivox and also by the potential for further sales in this attractive pricing environment. Despite prevailing valuations Oakley continues to prove its sourcing model, unearthing attractive companies at equally attractive multiples."

Peter Dubens, Managing Partner, Oakley Capital Limited

"Impressive profit growth demonstrates the ongoing strength of our portfolio companies and the success of our focus on Digital Consumer, TMT and Education. Oakley now has the luxury of participating in a strong pricing environment with Fund II in its realisation phase. We are a reluctant seller of stakes in great companies, although we may only be parting with the investment, as we often remain in partnership with management. We look forward to continuing to work with our talented group of serial entrepreneurs. A network that has already led to the investment of over 50% of Fund III which closed in September."