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Standard Life Private Equity Trust PLC


SLPET provides investors with access to a diversified portfolio of leading private companies. This is done by partnering with some of the best private equity managers to build an appropriately diversified portfolio by country, industry sector, maturity and number of underlying investments.

  • Invest in private equity funds run by leading private equity managers

  • The funds invest in mature businesses primarily through management buy-out transactions

  • To achieve long term total returns through holding a diversified portfolio of private equity funds, a majority of which will have a European focus.

  • Managed by a select group of fund managers, with the aim of building an underlying portfolio of around 350 private companies

Key financials

Meet the Manager

The Trust's manager, SL Capital Partners, is Standard Life Investments' dedicated private equity arm. We have fulfilled this role since the launch of Trust in 2001 and have deployed a consistent strategy that gives shareholders access to a diversified portfolio of private company investments that generate attractive investment returns. Our team has decades of experience of investing in leading global private equity managers and can be relied upon to select the some of the best opportunities, supported by the broad resources of SL Capital Partners.