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Listed Private Capital - Accessing growth, diversified investment strategies and returns

Adding Private Capital to a traditional public markets portfolio through Listed Private Capital can broaden the opportunity set; providing access to assets and investment strategies not found in public markets, boost return potential, enhance yield, improve portfolio diversification and provide some protection against inflation.

Listed Private Capital exists to enable public market investors to invest in Private Capital through the stock market. Avoiding the regulatory and other barriers to access and the complexity and illiquidity involved in undertaking Private Capital investment by the traditional limited partnership route.

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Investors, such as pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments and high net worth individuals, have increasingly turned to Private Capital as they seek ways to diversify portfolios, reduce risk and enhance returns. Pension funds, faced with large and growing deficits, see Private Capital as a source of alpha as well as offering a broad range of yielding investments to enable them to meet their liability obligations.