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Listed Private Equity: 10 years of outperformance

Following on from the Edison positive trends report in June 2017, the LPX Europe Total Return Index of major UK and Europe Listed Private Equity companies rose 26% over the last year to end October 2017. Outperforming the MSCI Europe and FTSE All-Share indices over one, three and five years. More importantly, the LPX has also now outperformed the FTSE All-share and the MSCI Europe over the last 10 years.

Listed Private Equity in Europe has outperformed over 10 years

The rolling 10-year relative performance should continue to improve as basis effects dominate. Assuming flat performance, the LPX would show over 66% outperformance of MSCI Europe by end October 2018 and 61% relative outperformance by October 2019.

Read the full report in the link to the right.

Total return indices to 31 October 2017 


Price performance £

One year Three years Five years Ten years
LPX Europe 26.2% 93.1% 168.8% 91.0%
MSCI Europe 17.6% 43.6% 84.5% 77.2%
FTSE All-share 13.4% 31.0% 62.5% 71%

Source: Bloomberg, Edison Investment Research